On behalf of the International Society of Neuroimmunology (ISNI), we are pleased to invite you to participate in the Thirteenth ISNI Congress, which will be held in Jerusalem, Israel, from September 26th - 29th, 2016.

The brain and the CNS in one hand, and the immune system (in the face of the "autoimmune epidemy" in the Western world) on the other, have become the hottest foci of interest in Medicine and Research during the last decades. The exciting developments in the field of Neuroimmunology have substantially revolutionised our understanding of the pathogenesis and immunotherapy of neuroimmune diseases, utilising new and novel technologies in research and clinical applications.

The Organizing Committee, on behalf of the ISNI, is preparing an exciting program that will inform participants on the latest developments and revolutions in the field. The program will include plenary sessions, focused symposia, and workshops. Plenty of time is devoted to poster presentations. We want to see you there!

Situated on the crossroads of three continents, Israel is easily accessible from all corners of the globe and blessed with Mediterranean weather. Israel is one of the few countries where the ancient and mordern meet and is the center of three great religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Jerusalem is not only Israel's, but also one of the world's oldest cities, carrying a heavy heritage of many traditions, religions and ethnic groups. Jerusalem represents an eternal symbol and Holy City for the three major monotheistic religions, and its diverse ethnic composition, makes Jerusalem an International point of meeting and communication between people from all over the world.

Israel has a rich spiritual, economic, and social history, and is home to many institutions of higher education, some of the world's finest hospitals and research Institutions and numerous cultural and professional organizations. Museums, places to visit and restaurants in the city will make this even a wonderful experience.

We look forward to seeing you in Jerusalem!


Dimitrios Karussis                                             Michal Schwartz
Conference Chair                                                 Conference Co-Chair
Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital                Weizmann Institute of Science
Jerusalem, Israel                                                  Rehovot, Israel
President of the Israeli                                          Vice President of the International
Society of Neuroimmunology                                Society of Neuroimmunology-ISNI


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